Erin Mulrooney

Now performing with The Backwoods Blues Project based in Ithaca, NY


In Ithaca, at Stella's Barn with Erin + The Backwoods Blues Project. In Chicago, at Buddy Guy's Legends, River Roast, Lagunitas Brew Pub, Underground Wonder Bar, The Smoke Daddy, B.L.U.E.S. on Halsted, Martyrs, 43rd Street Festival, Rosa's Lounge, Annual Oakwood Blues Jam, House of Blues Chicago, with Chicago Blues legends Billy Flynn, Willie Buck, Milwaukee Slim, Oscar Wilson, Martin Lang, Rob Stroger, Smiley Tillmon, Kate Moss, David Sims, Rockin' Johnny Burgin, Shoji Naito, J.R. Wydra, Tom Holland, South Side Stevie Berek, Larry Mud Morganfield and Bob Margolin.  Also with Pete Special, Dana Maragos, Mike Gorgo, Chuck Wasserberg, Brian Wilkie, John Abbey, Stewart Weltman. Most photos here courtesy of Roman Sobus, some by Greg Weber and Patricia Goldschmidt.